The Global brand has been manufacturing knives since 1985. During this point and the years which followed, the brand quickly built up a reputation for producing high-quality items suitable for use within the catering world, particularly a busy chef’s kitchen. They have since become one of the most popular brands of knives and remain sought after by chefs across the country. Some of the leading names within the food industry rely heavily upon the Global brand and prove to be committed regular customers.

Global knives were originally developed using techniques passed down through the Japanese heritage of Samurai blades. As time has progressed, these techniques have been heavily coupled with aspects connected to latest technology and techniques which has resulted in the perfect balance of history and modern methods. Global knives are easy to use, easy to sharpen and provide a years of use provided they are cared for correctly. As you browse the Global knives section, you will see Global fish knives, Global tomato knives, paring knives, utility knives and much more. In addition this practical and successful brand promotes fish tweezers, ideal for the removal of tiny bones. Global knives cover every angle of their dedicated section and bring you nothing but the finest in kitchen catering equipment.