Founded in 1911, Franke was built on a foundation of precision engineering, combined with traditional craftsmanship. Over100 years later, those principles endure, while a focus on the changing needs and lifestyles of our customers has helped us become the world’s largest manufacturer of kitchen sinks
These days the kitchen is the heart of the home and a place to express yourself. That’s not just true for what you create there, but also in the design of the kitchen itself. It’s the hub, where friends and loved ones gather and it should reflect a very personal style. In turn, your kitchen should inspire you.
At the center of any kitchen are its sink and faucets. No other items better encapsulate the kitchen’s balance of form and function. That makes choosing the right sink and faucet an important part of any kitchen design.

Be Inspired
The Franke range is constantly evolving and there are always innovative new products being introduced to help bring your kitchen dreams to life